Concrete Pile Sizes (square) 180mm - 350mm
Dimensions (WxLxH) 1500mm x 1400mm x 783mm 
Weight 750kg
Blade Diameter 500mm
Blade Centre Hole 25.4mm 
Excavator Class 13t - 30t 
Working Pressure (cutting) 100 - 180 bar (1450 - 2610 psi) 
Working Pressure (grapple) 160 - 200 bar (2320 - 2900 psi) 
Minimum Required Flow Rate 60 l/min 

MotoCut Pile Cutter

The The MotoCut Pile Cutter is a hydraulically driven pile cutter for concrete pipes which replaces traditional or manual methods and improves site safety. The Q-350S Pile Cutter features twin diamond 500mm diameter circular cutting blades and the pile cropping process is up to five times faster when compared to traditional methods.

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