Double-Acting Hydraulic Impact Hammers

What are double acting hydraulic impact hammers?

Piletec Double-Acting Hydraulic Impact Hammers are a range of piling hammers designed to drive a variety of pile types and sizes.

What Can double acting hydraulic impact hammers be used for? (Include Video in this section if possible)

Designed to drive single steel sheet piles, universal steel bearing piles and tubular piles, these hydraulic impact hammers concentrate the impact on a single pile to provide the most effective use of the high impact energy produced.

Key Specifications of double acting hydraulic impact hammers

The CX range of piling hammers can be used on a wide range of pile types and sizes, including:

  • Steel sheet piles in pairs
  • Universal tubular bearing piles
  • Steel ‘H’ piles
  • Steel combi piles
  • Reinforced concrete RC piles
  • Cast in-situ CIS piles
  • Timber piles
What are the benefits of double acting hydraulic impact hammers?

The relatively low weight of hydraulic impact hammers avoids the need for costly crane hire. Impact hammers of this type have an adjustable stroke allowing full control at all stages of driving. The SL range of hydraulic piling hammer also incorporates safety and accuracy due to spring loaded inserts which enable the piling hammer to remain safely located on the pile at all times.


Model SL20da (HH1.5 DA) SL30DA (HH2.5 DA)
Ram Weight (kg) 1500 2500
Maximum impact energy (kgm) 1850 2940
Blow rate at maximum power (bpm) 80 87
Hydraulic oil pressure (bar) 130 220
Hydraulic oil flow (l/min) 170 130
Hammer weight crane-suspended (kg) 3900 5400
Dimension (see drawing):    
Height A 4922 5780
Width B 1094 915
Length C 1439 1459
Depth D 460 458
Dimension E 478 430
Power Pack    
Engine Deutz FL 913 Perkins 1004-40T
Dimensions/Weight: 53 kW (71HP) 71 kW (95 HP)
Length (mm) 2020 2500
Width (mm) 1100 1100
Height (mm) 1500 2150
Weight (kg) 1800 2300
Model CX85 CX110
Ram Mass (kg) 7000 9000
Maximum impact energy (kNm) 83 106
Blow rate (bpm) 40/100 36/100
Basic hammer weight (less helmet) (kg) 9800 12050
Overall length basic hammer (A) (mm) 4975 5475
Overall width basic hammer (mm) 820 820
Overall depth basic hammer (mm) 970 970
Typical stand-off CL (Hammer to Leader Face) (mm) 500 500
Hydraulic pressure requirements (bar) 240 250
Hydraulic flow rate requirements (l/min) 200 215

How to hire double acting hydraulic impact hammers from Piletec?

For more information on Piletec Double Acting Hydraulic Impact Hammers and piling equipment hire, simply follow our Contact Us link or ‘Add to Enquiry Basket’ to find out what’s on offer, or send for a product brochure.