Resonance-Free Vibrators Hire

About Resonance-Free Vibrators

What is a resonance free vibrator?

Resonance Free vibrators are the most advanced form of vibrator due to a mechanism which enables complete control over the output vibration. Through advanced eccentric moment control there is zero vibration during start up and shut down; the eccentric moment can also be switched on or off.

What Can a resonance free vibrator be used for? 

Resonance free Vibrators are often used where there is a need to minimise and localise potentially hazardous vibrations. Often used in urban environments, Resonance Free Vibrators are most suited to granular soil conditions such as gravel, sand and other particulate soils.

Key Specifications of resonance free vibrator

  • High frequency produces less ground vibration.
  • No harmful low frequency vibrations during starting and stopping.
  • Can be used closer to buildings than conventional vibrators.
  • Suitable for use with telescopic cranes
What are the benefits of a resonance free vibrator?

Because the eccentric moment is only engaged once the Resonance Free Vibrator reaches its operating frequency of 2300 rpm, harmful and noisy low frequency vibrations are virtually eliminated. Similarly, the eccentric motor is switched off before the vibrator slows down.

As well as providing a safer working environment, the removal of low frequency vibrations on start-up and shut down means there is no transmission of resonance to the crane jib.

In addition, the amplitude can be infinitely adjusted to avoid exceeding the maximum permitted peak particle velocity.


Model MS5 HFBV 7RF MS10 HFV 14RF 18RF-ts MS16 HFV
Eccentric Moment (kgm) 0-5 0-7 0-10 0-14 0-18 0-16
Max. centrifugal force (kN) 0-400 0-410 610 0-810 0-1015 969
Max. frequency (rpm) 2700 2300 2358 2300 2300 2350
Max. amplitude incl. uni clamp (mm) 14 13.5 11.8 9.5 11.5 13
Max. amplitude excl. clamp (mm) 18 17.5 16.5 11.5 14.5 17
Max. static line pull (kN) 120 120 180 240 240 300
Clamp universal (Kg) 260 250 620 490 610 700
Total Weight incl. uni clamp (Kg) 1840 1575 2300 3910 4120 4200
Dimensions (see drawing)
Length A (mm) 1349 1418 1655 1919 1815 1930
Width B (mm) 440 615 840 590 590 757
Width C (mm) 440 346 330 355 355 405
Height D (mm) 1073 1557 1530 2043 2043 2010
Height E (mm) 350 385 730 515 515 750
Height F (mm) 1423 1942 2260 2558 2558 2760
Recommended Power pack MSA-165V 180RF MSA-165V 335RF 400RF MSA-360V
Hydraulic Hoses
Length (m) 30 30 30 30 30 30
Weight (kg) 350 350 350 375 375 375


How to hire a resonance free vibrator from Piletec?

For more information on Resonance Free Vibrators and piling equipment hire, simply follow our Contact Us link or ‘Add to Enquiry Basket’ to find out what’s on offer, or send for a product brochure.

Our FSV Selection Guide will help you understand the range of hammers in our fleet, their pile driving capacity and soil types you need to consider before hiring a hammer.  

Please contact us to discuss specific project requirements.

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