4 Jaw Cropper


About 4 Jaw Cropper

The 4 Jaw Cropper has been designed for all four blades to move together, which means no alterations have to be made on site to the cropper when cutting two different sizes of pile.

Used for cutting cast in-situ piles ranging from 300mm to 1200mm leaving the rebar intact.

The 4 Jaw Cropper is suspended from the dipper arm and is powered by the excavators in-board hydraulics.

Please note, chains are provided with this machine.

Technical Specifications

Pile Size (mm) Standard Large Mega Super Mega 
  300/600 600/750 750/900 1000/1200
Machine Carrier Class (tonne) 13/20 16/20 20/30 30/40
Oil Flow L/Min 40/120 40/120 75/120 90/120
Operating Oil Pressure Max (bar) 210 210 210/250 210/275
Height (mm) 1250 1300 1500 1800
Width (mm)  1658 1910 2200 2420
Length (mm)   1658 1910 2200 2420
Weight (kg)  1400 1600 2300 3500

All of our Pile Croppers are fulfilled by our sister division Mr Cropper, the market leaders in Pile Cropping. 

Technical Library

Risk Assessment for Shoring & Piling Operations

Risk Assessment for Shoring & Piling Operations

CPA Safety Guidance sheet - Risk Assessment for Shoring & Piling Operations


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