Standard Frequency Vibrators

About Standard Frequency Vibrators

What is a standard frequency vibrator?

These robust machines are particularly effective when driving long, heavy section piles or large diameter tubes. They can be used both on land and water and can operate in water to a considerable depth.

What Can a standard frequency vibrator be used for? 

Standard Frequency vibrators are especially effective in cohesive soil conditions where alternative machines may fail. They can be used for both tubular and sheet profiles.

What are the benefits of a standard frequency vibrator?

Standard Frequency Vibrators combine durability with reliable performance and ease of use. The high amplitude of these SFVs is particularly valuable when extracting piles or driving large diameter tubes.

How to hire a standard frequency vibrator from Piletec?

For more information on Resonance Free Vibrators and piling equipment hire, simply follow our Contact Us link or ‘Add to Enquiry Basket’ to find out what’s on offer, or send for a product brochure.

Dimensions Reference:


Model 3120 815C 1412C
Eccentric Moment (kgm) 31 46 110
Max. centrifugal force 1360 1250 2300
Max. frequency 2000 1570 1380
Max. amplitude (inc univ clamp mm) 13 18 24.5
Max. amplitude (exc clamp mm) 16 23.5 34.5
Max. static line pull (kn) 400 400 800/1200
Clamp (universal kg) 1100 1100 2500
Total Weight (incl univ clamp kg) 7250 8550 13250
Dimensions (see drawing)      
Length A mm 2668 3250 3250
Width B mm 895 1015 1200
Width C mm 457 504 804
Height D mm 2035 2543 3600
Height E mm 668 668 800
Height F mm 2703 3211 4400
Power Pack Model 525 600 900
Hydraulic Hoses      
Length m 30 45 45
Weight kg 450 750 900
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