High Load Strut Range

The size and capacity of the strut range has steadily increased to meet the demands of the industry. Groundforce’s experienced design team will specify the most appropriate struts to give a cost effective solution.

The available range of props include:

  • MP30 (Mechanical Strut)
  • MP60 (Mechanical Strut)
  • MP50 & MP80 (Hydraulic Struts)
  • MP125 & HSK150 (Hydraulic Struts)
  • MP250 (Hydraulic Strut)
  • MP250 Super Extensions (Hydraulic Strut)
  • MP500 (Hydraulic Strut)

All the above props are modular, for ease of site installation. View our full range of Specialist Struts here.

UK’s largest proprietary hydraulic strut (MP500)

The prop consists of a hydraulic unit with 500mm adjustment, connected to tubular 1220mm Ø extensions. The hydraulic unit also incorporates a mechanical lock off system, meaning that the prop benefits from the speed of hydraulic installation coupled with the peace of mind of a failsafe backup. Axial loadings in excess of 5000kN can be accommodated over a 35m span, without the need for any intermediate support.

The benefits of this product include:

  • Speed of Hydraulic Installation
  • 5000kN+ Working Resistance
  • Mechanical Lock Off System
  • 35m Clear Span at Full Load
  • Wireless Load Monitoring
  • In built pre-camber

What Our Customers Say...

“Each 47m long MP500 prop was installed in less than half a day, which is far quicker than a traditional fabricated solution. The system does not require any mid- pan support and has the added benefit of incorporating a load monitoring system”

Bradley Barham | Contract Manager | PJ Carey | Merchant Square