EUSR - Butt Fusion Welding

About EUSR - Butt Fusion Welding

The safety training instructs both operators and supervisors on the current best working practices for Butt Fusion Welding. Delegates will be provided with clear and concise instruction, allowing for Butt Fusion Welding to be carried out. Techniques are applicable from 90mm pipelines to 1400mm trunk mains. 

Candidates will be provided with the knowledge and skills to join pipework with Butt Fusion Techniques in a ductile manner. Delegates will gain an understanding of what creates brittle joints and service failures and will be able to inspect joint and beads for quality assurance. 

The one day course can accommodate up to 8 delegates per day.


  • EUSR photo id card with qualifaction stated on the back of card
  • Groundforce Training certificate of attendance (in addition to EUSR card)