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Temporary Bridges

Groundforce Bridge is the temporary bridge hire division of Groundforce. Our temporary bridge structures cater for the construction, transmission, rail and events sectors. Groundforce Bridge provides an easily installed modular flat pack bridge solution to suit your requirements. A range of vehicle bridges and pedestrian bridges are available for hire from 2.5m - 20m.

The temporary bridges are delivered to site and the simple installation and 'flat pack' design means there is no requirement for expensive heavy duty lifting devices or machinery, making Groundforce Bridge one of the fastest and cost efficient temporary bridging solutions available.

Thanks to our ever-growing customer base in the construction, transmission, rail and event sectors, Groundforce Bridge have innovated and expanded their fleet of bridges from just 8 bridges to over 100 in 6 years. Click on here to see how we got there

National Deliveries
On-site Installation
Flat Pack Bridges
Quick to Assemble