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Excavation Support Training

Groundforce Training Services offer a wide range of courses primarily for those working in utilities, construction and civil engineering. From short duration health and safety awareness to more complex or specialist safety consultancy solutions, we can help.

Industry leading accredited safety training is delivered both on-site and through a nationwide network of training centres. Full flexibility in our approach means whether you need to place small numbers onto our open course schedule or require dedicated courses, our in-house professionals are unrivalled in their ability to react quickly to all your training requirements.

Chris Gearren, GM – Training Services, CMIOSH, Msc Safety Health & Environment

Investment in specific and appropriate on-going training is both an essential compliance piece and an opportunity for growth via professional development. You and your people are our focus from the booking stage through to instruction in the classroom and on-site.
Our mission is:

Helping businesses ensure their staff and/or subcontractors come home safely each day by providing specific and critical training solutions

Thank you for selecting Groundforce as your trusted provider for the last decade. Click here to see our journey so far. 

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