Our Trench Boxes

Discover our versatile range of Trench Box Solutions – including trench boxes, manhole boxes, backhoe boxes and drag boxes, providing unparalleled support for construction projects.

Trench Boxes are the ultimate solution for rapid trench shoring, offering stability without extra equipment. Our Trench Box is available in mini, standard, and multi-mega sizes.

Explore our wider range of trench boxes with our Backhoe Trench Box for small trenching applications, Premier Trench Box for supporting deep trenches, and Rolling Strut Trench Box allowing parallel plate movement to minimise potential soil movements.

Our comprehensive range of trench boxes are designed to provide the highest levels of safety and protection. Constructed from strong and durable materials, our trench boxes ensure maximum strength and reliability.

Have more questions or want some further reading on trench boxes? Check our Trench Box FAQ page.

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Speed of Installation

Trench boxes offer a quick and easy installation process through either the 'pre dug' or 'dig and push' methods. They provide incremental adjustment with various strut types to accommodate different excavation dimensions. Compared to the traditional sheets and frames approach, trench boxes significantly reduce operation time, simplify the process, and lower the risk of a service strike.

Speed of Installation

Environmentally Friendly

Trench Boxes are simply lifted into an excavation in one lift with minimal backfill to the exterior panels. Using boxes eliminates all the equipment necessary for piling activity and this in turn translates into significant fuel savings and an instant win for the environment. On completion of groundworks, the box is simply lifted clear and disassembled.

Environmentally Friendly

Cost and Time Effective

The use of Trench Boxes, in contrast to sheets and frames, offers a cost and time advantage in construction projects. The benefits include a quicker and easier design process, fast installation and extraction, elimination of piling activity, and reduced use of equipment and fuel, resulting in overall time and cost reduction.

Cost and Time Effective


What are trench boxes?

A trench box is a structural system, usually made of steel or aluminium that is designed to hold back the earth within an excavation, creating a safe working space for personnel within. Unsupported ground can often seem stable in the short term, which can trick people into thinking that it's safe, but it's never safe to get into an unsupported excavation. 

Do I need to use a Trench Box?

If you have to ask this question, the answer is probably yes. In almost all cases you will require a trench support system when digging excavations. There are very rare exceptions to this, but it requires that the excavation itself has been carefully designed. The important thing to be aware of is that no matter the depth of your excavation, it is always safest to use trench support systems.

What different Trench Boxes do you offer?

We offer a range of Trench Boxes including manhole braces, trench sheets and walers. We also offer products to accompany the structure itself, including ancillary products and safety solutions such as Edge Safe and Ladder Safe.

Which type of trench boxes are the best for my job?

Picking the right tool for the job is really important as there is no one solution to fit all projects. For example, a trench box gives a really quick and easy means of supporting an excavation, but there may be certain ground conditions that don’t allow you to use a trench box, meaning you will need a properly sheeted excavation. The best way to find out which type of trench support system you need is to get in touch with one of our sales representatives, fill out a design request form or let our complimentary design service, YourSolution answer that question for you.

How do I install a trench support system?

All of our equipment is supplied with installation guides which should be read in conjunction with your own site specific risk assessments.

Do I need a Temporary Works Design?

We recommend that a temporary works design is in place for every piece of temporary works equipment you install. You can request a temporary works design from Groundforce through our design request form.