When used in conjunction with the Groundforce handrail system, LadderSafe offers the user complete fall protection at the top of the trench whilst providing safe access and egress to the working area.

Component Description Weight (kg)
Head Unit Integral handrail and access point with starter ladder. 
Available in 3m and 3.5m long trench box panels. 
3m unit - 180kg 3.5m long unit - 200kg 
Extension Ladders Clip on extension ladders available in 2.2 and 1.6m lengths. 2.2m long unit - 37kg 1.6m long unit - 29kg
Stabiliser Clip on bracket used to brace the extension ladders off the face of the box panel. 8kg


LadderSafe: Typical Installation Methodology

This sequence explains the various equipment available to provide safe access to an excavation. The products include: Maxi LadderSafe, Mini LadderSafe, Mega LadderSafe, Premier LadderSafe, StepSafe

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