The Backhoe Trench Box is an alternative to the standard Groundforce Trench Box. It has been developed to optimise strength whilst ensuring its weight remains low enough to be handled by smaller excavators on site. It is capable of supporting trenches up to 4m deep when a base module is connected to two top extension units. 

    Trench widths of up to 2.2m (earth to earth) can be achieved by using a variety of fixed length strut extensions. These are connected to the box plates using a simple pin arrangement for speedy on-site assembly. 

Type Base Top Ext
Plate Length (m) 2.85
Plate height (m) 2.0 1.0
Plate thickness (mm) 63
External trench width (m) 0.43 - 2.23
Internal trench width (m) 0.30 - 2.10
Weight (kg)* 694 387
Distance between struts 2.6
Strut Clearance Height (m) 1.3 N/A


Trench Boxes: Typical Installation Methodology

This quick and easy method ensures ground stability within a trench and helps minimise the excavation area to avoid damage to neighbouring structures and utilities in the ground. This methodology is best suited for trench boxes with shorter struts, if you use a trench box with long struts then other methods may be more suited, if you have any questions on different methods you can use contact our technical department.

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