Legs are constructed from high yield steel sections and incorporate a double acting hydraulic ram. This means the legs can be both expanded and retracted hydraulically which aids the installation and removal process. In addition, some legs have a pinned rough adjustment which increases the operating range of the legs.

Leg Ref. External Working Range Leg Weight (kg) Beam Width (mm) Clear Opening (m)*
  Min Max     Min Max
A 2.0 3.0 260 180 1.64 2.64
B 3.0 4.0 305 180 2.64 3.64
C 4.0 5.0 390 180 3.64 4.64
D 5.0 6.0 445 180 4.64 5.64

* These ranges do not take into account the potential deflection of the waling beam, which will be dependent upon applied load and upon span. As such, the actual clear opening achieved is likely to be smaller than the values quoted above. 

These figures should be used as a rough guide and should not be relied upon to provide an accurate assessment of clear opening. 


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