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A small, light trench box ideal for minor works, emergency situations and general repairs on utility aparatus.

The Quick Access Box (QAB) is an ultra lightweight compact shoring box designed for short term ground support of relatively shallow trenches up to 1.8m deep. Whilst each of the individual components are light enough to allow assembly by hand, it is recommended that assembled boxes are handled by a small excavator using appropriate lifting equipment.

QAB units are designed to be used in short-term applications in stable, non-water bearing ground conditions. Pre-assembled with adjustable struts, it can be rapidly installed into a pre-dug trench by lowering from ground level thus providing a safe and effective shoring shield without operatives having to enter an un-supported excavation.


  • quick and easy to assemble, install and remove
  • Ideal for quick access to buried apparatus
  • Fully portable - each panel weighs less than 30kg
  • Multiple strut positions for variable clearances
  • Simple, pinned width-adjustable struts
  • Suitable for minor works and utility maintenance
  • Compact design, 1.2m long x 1.2m deep
  • Top box available, 1.2m long by 0.6m deep
  • Assembled weight from 75kg
  • Allowable panel pressure up to 20kN/m2


Plate Length 1225mm
Plate Height (Base/Top) 1200mm/600mm
Plate Thickness 25mm
Clearance Below Struts 170mm/265mm
Clearance Between Struts in Plan 1045mm
Clearance Between Corner Posts Strut Length - 76mm
Earth to Earth Distance  Strut Length + 50mm
Nominal Box Weight


Allowable Uniform Panal Pressure 20.9kN/m2

#Weights may vary with strut lengths and box configurations used.

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Quick Access Box (QAB)

Quick Access Box (QAB)

A lightweight modular box system that can be assembled by hand and handled by a 180 degree rubber...


Quick Access Box Technical Literature

Quick Access Box Technical Literature

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