Excavator Mounted Vibrators

What is an excavator mounted vibrator?

Excavator Mounted Vibrators (EMVs) are specifically designed as a sheet piling attachment for excavators. They have a high power to weight ratio due to the high operating frequency and can apply an additional vertical force from the excavator to assist driving if required.

What Can an excavator mounted vibrator be used for?

This type of excavator mounted sheet pile driver is ideally suited to cohesive, granular soil conditions and can significantly decrease driving time, reduce noise and minimise potentially hazardous vibrations.

What are the benefits of excavator mounted vibrators?

A key benefit of choosing the Piletec excavator mounted sheet pile driver is the option to mount it via the VibroSafe Quick Hitch Adaptor. This purpose designed adaptor enables the piling hammer to be used with a fully automatic quick hitch coupler; a key safety feature as no operator intervention is necessary. Of course, the EMV may also be mounted via a bracket directly to the dipper arm in the traditional way.

The EMV is of a slim design to enable it to drive between adjacent upstanding piles. If required however, the clamp can be removed and refitted at 90 degrees enabling piling to be carried out close to an existing structure.

In special circumstances, this range of excavator pile driver attachment can easily be operated from a Piletec Powerpack.



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Weight (kg) 350 830 1230
Max. centrifugal force (kN) 90 296 374
Eccentric moment (kgm) 0.7 3 4.2
Max. oil flow (l/min) 102 120 171
Max. working pressure (bar) 300 300 300
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Model 230M (B) 328M (B) 428M (B) 625M (B) 823b
Eccentric moment (kgm) 2.2 3.2 4 6 8
Max. centrifugal force (kN) 220 275 345 410 464
Max. frequency (rpm) 3000 2800 2800 2300 (2500) 2300
Max. amplitude incl. univ clamp (mm) 7 (6) 9.5 (8.5) 10 (9) 14.5 (13) 19.1
Dynamic weight incl. univ clamp (kg) 640 (720) 660 (740) 795 (900) 825 (930) 940
Total weight incl. univ clamp (kg) 875 (1080) 885 (1090) 1065 (1280) 1095 (1300) 1310
Dimensions (See Drawing)          
Height A Excluding bracket (mm) 1095 (1320) 1095 (1320) 1145 (1388) 1145 (1388) 1115
Width B (mm) 575 (530) 575 (530) 710 (612) 710 (612) 612
Length C (mm) 1230 (1115) 1230 (1115) 1300 (1115) 1300 (1115) 1003
Depth D (mm) 258  258 300 300 385
Power Pack ICE 100 ICE 100 ICE 180RF ICE 180RF ICE 330RF
How to hire an excavator mounted vibrator from Piletec?

For more information on Excavator Mounted Vibrators (EMVs) and piling equipment hire, simply follow our Contact Us link or ‘Add to Enquiry Basket’ to find out what’s on offer, or send for a product brochure.

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