All my staff present when the bridge was installed, reported back that your staff were efficient, polite and professional. All were impressed at the speed that the bridge was installed.
You really helped me out at the last minute when my previous contractor let me down. The whole process of working with yourself and your staff has been a pleasure. There is not much call for bridging in my industry, but if I have the opportunity I will be recommending you

          - Chris Williams, Gristwood and Toms Limited


Groundforce Bridge supplied us with a temporary bridge and trackway. The ease of handling made for a swift and easy installation, delivery and collection was right on time. *Recommended*

          - Terry Warrie, Project Manager, Barhale Construction Plc.


As always the team arrived on site with the bridge and the speed and efficiency in which the bridge was installed mean very little disruption to the residents and our works during the five months the bridge was in for. The bridge supported 32 tonne stone lorries, concrete wagons and all of our wiring equipment. The bridge stood up to the job perfectly and at no point was any remedial works necessary.

          - Mark Eglinton, Project Engineer, Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions.


I was introduced to Groundforce Bridge and I found the staff extremely helpful. The Sales Representative visited site at short notice and submitted design calculations within a day. Photos were emailed showing the types of bridges they had in stock and it was obvious that this option was more suitable than using a scaffold. The advantage of the lift and drop installation allowed the project to start the permanent works two days early and also omitted the requirement for weekly scaffold checks. Overall we were pleased with the service and would recommend using Groundforce Bridge for future access requirements.

          - Neil Sagar, Site Manager, AE Yates Limited