Pipeline Camera

Digital Combi Camera Solo Pro features a large high resolution TFT screen and very simple on screen operating procedures. You can record to the internal memory and download to a USB memory stick. Image capture and a zoom feature helps clearly identify points of interest during a survey.  


Key Features 

  • Length: 60 metres

  • Pipe Compatibility: 50mm > 225 mm

  • High resolution TFT screen

  • MPEG4 recording, plays in WinCan V7, V8 & Windows Media Player

  • 16GB internal memory size

  • SD/SDHC card & USB memory stick storage & transfer

  • JPEG still image capture on live or recorded video

  • Alternative language options 

  • 3 x zoom function

  • 16 page colour text writer

  • Thumbnail picture gallery

  • Battery powered: 6 hours constant use on single charge

  • Charging: 12v vehicle or 110v or 230v

  • IP65

  • Weight:23kg