Side Grip Hammer


The Side Grip Piling Hammer is an excavator-mounted vibratory pile hammer that can hold the pile or tube from the side and drive/pull the pile from this profile, meaning they are ideal when working in limited heights. The greatest advantage of the Side Grip Piling Hammer is that sheet piles can be used that are much longer than the reach of the excavator boom, meaning you can install and remove long sheet piles using your own excavator.

Key Features: 

  • Can pick up and install sheet piles up to 16m long
  • Unique linear side-clamping system resulting in a more efficient clamping load transfer
  • Exchanging clamp claw configuration without changing the clamp arms for gripping sheet piles, casings up to ø 550 mm and H-beams up to H500. Unlimited 360° rotary head
  • The unique, multi-directional elastomers create a more stable and predictable movement of the dynamic part of the Side Grip Hammer