Smart Pressure Testing Equipment


The Stopper Specialists PressureTest+ app is designed to on-site monitor and record the pressure testing of pipework. The app works alongside a Bluetooth enabled Data Logger to prepare, record and capture pressure test data in real time. The app will provide an instant, on-site pass or failure analysis, along with test recommendations and GPS tracking.


  • Remote Testing: Allows users to confidently leave the test to run and get on with other tasks while being able to monitor the test
  • PressureTest+ Website: Predicted results are instantly available on the website and can be viewed by the hire desk. The website also allows
    access to all testing certs and historical results
  • One-Step Login: Quick and simple login process available to see results graph and customer management teams can view trend analysis
  • Multiple Testing: Multiple tests with multiple loggers can be carried out on site via one app log-in.



Technical Library

PressureTest+ User Guide

PressureTest+ User Guide

User instructions for Pipe Pressure Testing Using PressureTest+