Dual Laddersafe

As an addition to the existing Premier LadderSafe Platform range, the Dual Access Platform is now available which provides access both up and over elevated structures, walls or pile caps. The platform is compatible with both our Tuffsteel Ladders and StepSafe site stairway and is accessible from both sides.

Key Benefits

  • Ladder or StepSafe access to both sides of the excavation;
  • Ladders can be mounted left or right within the hoop; 
  • Robust clamping system for PCC walls or similar walls up to 600mm wide; 
  • Central self-closing gate;
  • Safety hoops can be stowed away directly in the mountings; 
  • Option to bolt down to the wall

The platform sits astride the structure and firmly clamped in position by adjustable clamps either side. The range of adjustment is 0 to 600mm, plus the option to bolt-down into the wall via two side brackets if necessary.

Egress and access MUST be limited to one person on the ladder or platform at any one time. The StepSafe Stairway user guide is available to download as a pdf from the Groundforce Technical Library.