Single Bar Pile Cropper


The Single Bar Pile Cropper is the chosen equipment when cutting square, pre-cast, single reinforcement bar piles. It is lowered onto the pile and using the excavators in-board hydraulics to operate the jaw, it cuts the pile every 200mm, causing the concrete to break away, exposing the rebar and a level finish.

All that is left is to cut the rebar to the required height.

Please note that chains are provided with this machine.

Technical Specifications

Pile Size MM 200/300 300/350
Machine Carrier Class (tonne) 6/15 6/15
Oil Flow L/Min 15/20 15/20
Operating Oil Pressure Max (bar) 210 210
Height (mm) 900 900
Width (mm) 550 600
Length (mm) 900 900
Weight (kg) 450 600