StepSafe is a temporary, self-levelling, site stairway system that provides a quick and safe method of access/ egress to excavations, chambers and tanks or for negotiating slopes and embankments. The system operates in conjunction with Groundforce’s Premier LadderSafe platform and the specific function of the unit is to provide a controlled access to and from the work place, at a fixed point, when conventional ladders are impractical.  

The StepSafe system comprises four main components: Premier LadderSafe Platform, Platform Extension and self levelling steps with hand rails. These will accommodate a range of vertical heights due to the self-levelling articulation of the unit. A forward facing stair mounting is also available; designed for use without a platform extension.


  • Ascent/descent of embankments and slopes
  • 6 modular units permit rises from 0.5m to 7.5m
  • Angle of inclination from 25 to 50 degrees
  • Articulating mechanism ensures horizontal treads
  • Combines with LadderSafe platform system


  • Access & egress to excavations
  • Chambers & tanks
  • Negotiating slopes & embankments

Stairway Components

Description Transit/collapsed size (mm) Approx Weight (kg) No. components per system 
StepSafe 3 tread 750 x 1030 17 1
StepSafe 6 tread 750 x 1840 31 1
StepSafe 9 tread 750 x 2650 47 1
StepSafe 12 tread 750 x 3460 57 1
StepSafe 15 tread 750 x 4270 82 1
StepSafe 18 tread 750 x 5080 104 1
Universal Support.(18 treads and above) Not required for embankments 800 x 1300  18 1
Forward Facing Stair Mounting  50x50 Box section (860 long)  4 1

Technical Library

StepSafe Stairway User Guide

StepSafe Stairway User Guide

A guide to the specification, range, installation, arrangement and maintenance of the StepSafe.


Shoring Design Request Form

Shoring Design Request Form

Shoring Design Request Form