2-Stage Audible & Visual Alarm


What is an audible visual alarm?

This 2 stage unit is a plug-in audible visual alarm monitor for detecting and alerting personnel to undesirable site vibration levels.

What Can an audible visual alarm be used for?

Audible Visual Alarms can be used to take avoiding action when vibration levels are approaching site limits.

Key Specifications of an audible visual alarm

  • Both an audible and visual alarm
  • Allows retro fitting
  • The operator can program any 2 alarm set-up
  • Battery powered (only uses power when the alarm is triggered)
What are the benefits of an audible visual alarm?

The Piletec Audio Visual Alarm is weatherproof and is usually positioned on the fencing at the boundary of a site where the strobe light will be clearly visible even if the unit is out of audible range. The siren can be turned off if required for situations where that particular feature is not necessary.

How to hire an audible visual alarm from Piletec?

For more information on Audible Visual Alarms and how to hire an Audible Visual Alarm Monitor, simply follow our Contact Us link or Add to Enquiry Basket to find out what’s on offer, or send for a product brochure.