Culvert Pullers


What are Culvert Pullers?

The Piletec Culver Puller consists of a double acting ram unit, an Electro Hydraulic Powerpack, single and double leg certified Chains, pulling beam and specially fabricated foot plates to suit various designs of culvert profiles.

What Can a Culvert Puller be used for? 

The Piletec Box Culvert Puller is designed to assist in the jointing of culverts of different sizes and is suitable for a range of different site scenarios.

Key Specifications of a Culvert Puller

  • Fully adjustable pulling range from 1-20 tonnes
  • Horizontal pull to avoid culvert breakage
  • ‘Fail to Safe’ Beam Support Unit
  • Adjustable legs for soffit support
  • Powered by a 110 volt, 32 amp Electro Hydraulic Powerpack
  • The Piletec Box Culvert Puller is delivered to site, set up and tested by one of our fully trained engineers.
What are the benefits of a Culvert Puller?

The Culvert Puller from Piletec increases productivity, improves efficiency, and is the most flexible unit on the market. The electrically driven system means there is no need for hazardous battery recharging, therefore increasing the safety and versatility of this Box Culvert Puller

“The whole operation was so much smoother and more efficient than we had expected. We didn’t think it would be that much different from the old type of puller - We’ll definitely be using it again."

Tosh Shergill - Project Manager  - Howard Civil Engineering

How to hire a Culvert Puller from Piletec?

For more information on the Box Culvert Puller and how to hire a Culvert Puller, simply follow our Contact Us link or Add to Enquiry Basket to find out what’s on offer, or send for a product brochure.

More Information on Culvert Pullers

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Culvert Puller User Guide

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