Eesiseel PVC Plug

The Eesiseel range of inflatable PVC plugs have ridged bodies to ensure a good seal even in difficult conditions.

  • Ridged bodies ensure a good seal even in difficult conditions
  • Robust and easy to use with a simple to operate Schrader (car tyre type) valve c/w 1m hose


Blank Bypass (1/2" BSP)
2"/50mm -
3"/75mm 3"/75mm
4"/100mm 4"/100mm
6"/150mm 6"/150mm
8"-12"/200mm-300mm 8"-12"/200mm-300mm
14" - 18"  / 350mm - 450mm  14" - 18"  / 350mm - 450mm 

Note: It is recommended that a pressure gauge is fitted in the line when remote inflation is being considered. Eesiseel plugs be fitted with inflation hose to any length.