Steel Walers

About Steel Walers

A heavy duty steel waler system where stronger support is required.

Walers are compact, easily installed hydraulically-expandable shoring units designed for 2-sided support of trench runs typically up to 4m wide x maximum 6m deep. They are used in conjunction with trench sheeting in single frame (propped cantilever) or multi frame configurations.

Support schemes using walers should be designed by a competent engineer. Each waler unit comprises two horizontal rails, expanded against the sheeted trench walls by (typically) two externally interconnected 63.5mm bore hydraulic rams. The rams are expanded and pressured between the walls of the trench by a manually operated hand pump.


  • Provides continuous close trench support when used with trench sheeting
  • Hydraulic cylinders allow variable trench width adjustment
  • Ideal for use where services and utilities exist


  Standard Duty   Heavy Duty Super Heavy Duty
  5.0m 3.9m 5.0m 5.0m
Rail Length (m) 5.0 3.9 5.0 5.0
No. of hydraulic cylinders 2 2 2 2
Minimum external width (mm) 850 850 850 900
Maximum external width (mm) 4300 4300 4300 4350
Weight (Kg) - min width 454 307 388 618
Clearance between cylinders (mm) 4300 3200 4300 4300
Beam Width (mm) 100 152 152 176

Cylinder Range Chart – External Widths

Cylinder Type                      Steel Walers 
  External Widths  Cylinder Stroke (mm)  
  Min (mm) Max (mm)  
A 850 1152 302
B 1100 1600 500
C 1605 2503 898
C1 2203 3101 898
C2 2803 3701 898
C3 3403 4301 898

*Weights are approximate and may vary with cylinders used 


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