Power Cropper

What is a Power Cropper?

A Power Cropper, also known as a Concrete Muncher, is suitable for the reduction and cutting of square concrete piles of multiple sizes.

What can a Power Cropper be used for? 

The Power Cropper crops square piles quickly and removes excess concrete.

Key Specifications of a Power Cropper

At a glance:

  • Crops piles quickly and removes excess concrete
  • Eliminates falling debris
  • Vibration free
  • Fits easily to excavators in excess of 13 tonnes
  • Just Munch and Dump
What are the benefits of a Power Cropper?

A major benefit of the Piletec Power Cropper is its ability to retain the excess concrete within the body of the machine for easy waste concrete disposal.

The Power Cropper fits and is operated from excavators in excess of 13 tonnes and because the Power Cropper is vibration free, the risk of exposure to hand/arm vibration is totally eliminated.

How to hire a Power Cropper from Piletec?

For more information on the Piletec Power Cropper and how to hire other pile cropping equipment, simply follow our Contact Us link or ‘Add to Enquiry Basket’ to find out what’s on offer, or send for a product brochure.