Shaft LadderSafe


Developed for concrete shafts and caissons, the system comprises heavy duty steel modular components which are readily installed by bolting multiple units together to the desired depth and then bolting the ladder modules to the concrete shaft wall using suitable anchor bolts.

  • Controlled entry to deep shafts up to 30m
  • Modular, bolted components
  • Entry platform, ladder sections & rest landings
  • Quick & easy installation

The Shaft LadderSafe comprises four main components: Top Platform Unit, Ladder Section, Rest Platform and Tuffsteel Ladder, which between them, can configure a vertical ladder accommodating depths from 4m to 30m.


Description Effective Height (m) Weight (kg)
Shaft LadderSafe Top Platform 0.25* 235
Shaft LadderSafe Ladder Section 2.0 94
Shaft LadderSafe Rest Platform 2.0 165
Tuffsteel Ladder x 3m 3.0 10

*Below underside of platform 

Technical Library

Shaft Laddersafe System User Guide

Shaft Laddersafe System User Guide

A guide to the specification, range, installation, arrangement and maintenance of the Shaft...