Appreciation of Excavation Safety

Appreciation of Excavation Safety

The theoretical safety course is mapped to both EUSR and the National Occupational Standards and introduces the learner to the basics of working around excavations. Designed as an awareness course, particular emphasis is provided to key aspects of managing and/or overseeing excavation work. 

The one day course can accommodate up to 20 delegates per day

Course Objectives

  • Understand general and specific legislation and guidance pertaining to excavation, construction and groundworks. Examples are: HSWA 1974, CDM 2015, HSG150, HSGG 47, Work at Height Regs 2015, PUWER 1998, Confined Spaces Regulations 1997, EUSMUNC07, EUSGNC007, COSVR370 
  • Recognise when and why excavation support should be employed and the specific safety and shoring systems to prevent near misses, accidents, injuries and/or fatalities on-site 
  •  Distinguish between good and bad practices via increased education in this specialist area
  • Identify ground/soil types and changeable conditions faced on-site, including dealing with water 
  • Carry out or interpret Risk Assessments, Permits & Temporary Works Designs


  • EUSR photo id card with qualifaction stated on back of card 
  • Groundforce Training Certificate of attendance (in addition to EUSR card) 

Additional Information 

  • Delegates recieve a personal copy of our excavation learners' notes for reference 
  • This course can be delivered with your companies specific risk assesment(s), procedure(s) amd permit(s) to work and will maintain the EUSR accreditation

Who Will Benefit?

Managers, Supervisors, safety professionals and/or operatives who are required to oversee excavation activities.  It is highly recommnended that those who physically install, inspect and/or remove shoring systems or require a more in-depth knowledge of excavation safety, attend the appropriote 'live' dig practical training course(s).