Camber Panel

Designed to integrate seamlessly with the heavy duty panel, the camber panel provides orthogonal, three way traction and grip. Ideal for use on an incline or cross camber, in slippery, wet or muddy conditions. Structural capabilities designed to BS 8118:1991.

Design & Features 

  • 3 metre wide load bearing temporary access panel for all ground conditions
  • Structurally designed box sections
  • Rapid deployment – typically install 250m access in one day

Complete Integration

  • Integrates with Heavy Duty and Steerable Panels
  • Cater for a variety of ground conditions and access needs
  • Design is suitable for a diverse weight range


Camber Panel
Provides orthogonal traction and grip.
Structural capabilities designed to BS 8118:1991


  • Product Dimensions (Width x Length): 3000mm x 2460mm

Box Section Properties

  • Width of section = 260mm
  • Depth of section = 52mm


  • 260kg per panel


  • 6063 T6 Grade Aluminium
  • Limiting stress for bending and overall yielding =160 n/mm2
  • Limiting stress for local capacity of the section in tension or compression = 175 n/mm2
  • Limiting stress in shear = 95 n/mm2

Load Bearing Capacity

  • 250 tonne point load
  • 1000 tonne gross train weight over ground 2% CBR

Temperature Range

  • -5°C to 50°C
  • 22°F to 120°F