MP60 Mechanical Strut

The MP60 is a modular format heavy-duty mechanically operated strut. The strut consists of a mechanical screw unit with a 515mm adjustment potential, used in conjunction with a combination of fixed length 355mm diameter tubular extension pieces. The screw is not of the push / pull type so the strut thread needs to be manually adjusted before locking off with the nut. For specific strut/component configuration, see the job specific design details.

Typical Applications

  • Can be used as an independent cross strut, knee brace or raking prop (using appropriate end plate adaptors), in combination with any Groundforce proprietary waling systems such as the Mega Brace or Maxi Brace alternatively with single/twin welded beams and non-standard applications such as propping plain walls, slabs, soldiers and temporary roof propping.
  • It can be used in situations were a mechanical strut is preferred over a hydraulic strut for non pre-load applications.


  • The end bearing plates incorporate a swivel pin type connection to enable the ends to articulate up to +/- 45° from the strut axis for knee brace and raking applications.
  • 0.5m of mechanical adjustment is available for fine length adjustment. Modular, bolt together flanged extensions are available in a variety of lengths for additional length adjustment.
  • Being mechanically, the MP60 strut offers slightly increased axial strut stiffness over a comparative hydraulic struts. This can be of benefit where control of deflection is of importance.
  • To aid removal under residual load, the locking nut incorporates self lubricating nylon washer on the thrust face and knocking bars positioned around the circumference.

Operating Range (m)


Min Max
0.5 1.56 2.04 530
1 2.04 2.54 565
1.5 2.54 3.04 630
2 3.04 3.54 635
2.5 3.54 4.04 700
3 4.04 4.54 735
4 5.04 5.54 775
4.5 5.54 6.04 840
5 6.04 6.54 875
5.5 6.54 7.04 940
6 7.04 7.54 945
6.5 7.54 8.04 1010
7 8.04 8.54 1045
7.5 8.54 9.04 1110
8 9.04 9.54 970

Technical Library

MP60 Strut Technical Literature

MP60 Strut Technical Literature

Technical Literature for the MP60 Mechanical Strut


MP60 Mechanical Strut User Guide

MP60 Mechanical Strut User Guide

User Guide for the MP60 Mechanical Strut