Manual Pump 

Manual Shoring Pumps provide the means to hydraulically expand, pressurise and retract Groundforce hydraulically operated shoring equipment. Hand pumps are generally recommended for use with smaller equipment where the volume of fluid within the internal rams is relatively small. For larger bracing frames and struts, motorised pumps are recommended.

Double and Single Acting Hydraulics

The Manual Shoring Pump can be used for Double Acting and Single Acting Hydraulic Legs. Two hoses are required for Double Acting Legs: one connected to the outlet (flow) coupling and one to the Return to Tank Coupling. For single acting legs, a single hose is required which is connected to outlet (flow) coupling only.

Motorised pumps

Motorised pumps are intended for use with larger double acting (expanding and retracting) equipment such as hydraulic struts where large fluid volumes are involved. They are also ideal for the installation of multiple braces where the quick release hose connections speed up the installation process. These pumps are powered by a small petrol engine which drives the hydraulic fluid pump.

  • Manual and motorised pumps available
  • Used to extend or retract braces and struts 
  • Quick release hose connections 
  • Motorised pumps for handling high volumes 
  • Ideal for installation of multiple braces

Technical Library

Manual Shoring Pump User Guide

Manual Shoring Pump User Guide

Equipment User Guide for the Manual Shoring Pump.


Motorised Pump User Guide

Motorised Pump User Guide

Equipment User Guide for the Motorised Hydraulic Shoring Pump.