Direct Injection Chlorination Unit


The Direct Injection Chemical dosing unit can be used in a variety of applications. It can be used to chlorinate pipelines, increase residual chlorine levels and dechlorinate pipelines.

When chlorinating pipes the direct injection chemical dosing unit will dose pipelines at 20 ppm at 1,200 litres per minute as well as increasing residual chlorine levels at treatment works and distribution networks.

As well as increasing chlorine levels the Direct Injection Chemical dosing unit can be used for dechlorinate pipelines or remove residual chlorine when flushing mains.

The unit dimensions are 410mm x 300mm x 200mm, it can be fixed as permanent or semi-permanent unit but it can also be used as a portable chemical dosing kit with optional 110v battery pack.


  • Direct Injection chemical dosing unit
  • Can chlorinate 1,200 litres per minute at 20 ppm
  • 10 litre per hour dosing in up to 10 bar pressure

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