Remote Testing

This service allows the client to start, record and complete a pipe line test remotely from the Stopper Specialists website.

  • Remotely monitor pressure tests
  • Record and send live results
  • Ideal for water utility companies and contractors
  • The Package: GPRS telemetry loggers, quick fit test pumps and all associated equipment such as flanges and water reservoirs
  • GPRS logger automatically starts recording and transmitting data to the Stopper Specialists Remote Testing website
  • Tests can be run remotely via the Stopper Specialists' website. Alternatively, our trained staff are able to assist where an internet connection is not available
  • All tests are carried out and results calculated to the WRc publication "A Guide to Testing of Water Supply Pipelines and sewer Rising Mains" and IGN 4-01-03
  • Certificates emailed immediately upon completion of a successful test
  • Site test data can be supplied upon request
  • Housed in a lightweight watertight case