The MP375 is a modular format heavy-duty hydraulically activated strut consisting of a hydraulic ram unit with a 1300mm stroke for fine length adjustment. For higher load and/or longer span applications, it is possible to combine the hydraulic unit with extension pieces using appropriate adaptor components. Swivel end bearing units allow for various strutting alignments within an excavation with or without waling beams.  

The MP375 has a practical operating range of 3.1m to 24.0m and can withstand working loads up to 375 tonnes at shorter spans. 
The hydraulic extension and retraction of the ram is made using a hand operated or motorised pump with two hoses connected to the ram via quick release couplings located to one side of the hydraulic unit.  

Equipment Specification

Description  Weight (kg)  Ancillaries  Weight (kg) 
MP375 Hydraulic Strut Unit 3270  MP250 Euro to Std Adaptor 850
MP250 Hyd Strut Extn 0.5m  250 MP375 Bolted Flange Swivel Plate 250
MP250 Hyd Strut Extn 0.5m (HD) 300 MP375 End Bearing Plate 260
MP250 Hyd Strut Extn 1.0m 380 MP250 Super to Euro Adaptor 1120
MP250 Hyd Strut Extn 2.0m 570 MP250 Super to Std Adaptor (HD) 950
MP250 Hyd Strut Extn 4.0m  945 MP375 Load Pin 36
MP250 Hyd Strut Extn 8.0m  1720 MMP250 Universal Cleat 20
MP250 Hyd Strut Extn 12.0m 

Technical Library

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