Pipe Lifter

The Groundforce Pipe Lifter has been designed specifically to lift and install concrete pipes safely, quickly and without manual intervention. The entire operation is controlled by the excavator machine and operator; from off-loading the delivery lorry to accurate placement and pipe insertion within the pipe run. The Pipe Lifter can be articulated to an angle of 30 degrees to aid pipe placement without the need for slings or chains and can be used to lift pipes up to 2500mm in length and 300mm to 1200mm diameter (refer to the individual QH badge rating).

The Pipe Lifter has a mechanical clamping mechanism and is fitted to the excavator via quick hitch, so hydraulic connection to the excavator is not required.


  • Removes manual intervention during loading/off-loading and pipe installation 
  • Universal mechanical connection to excavator quick hitch 
  • Lifting capacity up to 3.6 tonnes 
  • Slings and chains not required 
  • Articulation to an angle of 30 degrees to aid pipe placement 


Pipe Diameter (mm)

Pin centres (mm)

Width between gusset plates (mm)

65 390 320
80 470 310
90 520 410

Technical Library

Pipe Lifter MK 2

Pipe Lifter MK 2

A User Guide for the Pipe Lifter which is mechanical clamping mechanism fitted to the excavator...


Pipe Lifter MK3 User Guide

Pipe Lifter MK3 User Guide

User Guide for the Pipe Lifter MK 3