Vibration Monitor

The Groundforce Vibration Monitor is the most efficient and high-quality vibration monitoring system on the market. Using Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) technology, it takes accurate measurements and sends data wirelessly to the online web platform. 

The Groundforce Vibration Monitor features fully integrated and automated solutions for the measurement, monitoring and reporting of vibration in the construction and infrastructure sectors. It is a compact and lightweight system with auto-axis alignment allowing it to be installed in any location and any orientation, including ceilings.

A range of battery, mains and solar power options are available to facilitate a wide range of scenarios.

Accurate Measurements

The Groundforce Vibration Monitor provides simultaneous PPV & VDV measurements in accordance with UK measurement standards (BS5228-2, BS7385-2 & BS6472-1) and is independently tested for compliance with DIN45669-1:2010, SBR-A and fully CE Marked.

Real-time Alerting

Scheduled and real-time email and SMS alerts can be configured for up to 50 recipients in the event of limit exceedances, power outages or software updates.

The Online Portal

The online portal is a mobile-optimised cloud-based management platform. It is customisable in just a few simple clicks and gives uninterrupted remote monitor configuration and review of measured data. Measurement data is automatically sent to the Honeycomb platform via 4G/LTE. Wi-Fi connectivity and an (optional) Power over Ethernet adaptor is also available for use in challenging scenarios.

Instant Reporting

Instantly produced PDF, CSV and Excel reports of measured data can be scheduled to send via email either daily or weekly. The reports can include a summary of exceedances and, if required, can incorporate your individual company’s logo.

Technical Library

Vibration Monitoring System User Guide

Vibration Monitoring System User Guide

User instructions for the Vibration Monitoring System.