Multi-Bar Pile Cropper

What is a multi-bar pile cropper?

A Multi-Bar Pile Cropper is suitable for the reduction and cutting of square concrete piles of multiple sizes.

What Can a multi-bar pile cropper be used for? 

The Multi-Bar Pile Cropper is an efficient and time saving system for cropping square concrete piles from 180mm to 440mm.

Key Specifications of a multi-bar pile cropper

  • Four models available
  • The breaking process is many times faster than conventional breaking and is fully controlled throughout the operation
  • Engineer delivers and fits the multi-bar cropper to the excavator
  • A suitable Powerpack can be advised and supplied if required
  • Special multi-bar croppers available for non-standard piles
What are the benefits of a multi-bar pile cropper?

Multi-Bar Pile Croppers are easy to operate for cutting different size square pile sizes on site.  Up to 200 piles can be processed per day, leaving the reinforcement intact with no cracks below the cut-off level.

This cropper has no noise or vibration and is operated from within the excavator which eliminates the risk of hand/arm vibration and is powered using the excavator’s in-board hydraulic system.


Model 2.5 3 3.5 4.4
Square Piles        
PIle Range (mm) 140-250 180-320 275-350 350-410
Number of re-bars 4 4 4 4-8
Cut-off level (mm) 50 65 65 50
Miminum Hydraulic Flow (l/mm) 12 12 12 24
Maximum Pressure (bar) 300 300 300 300
Minimum excavator size 7 tonne 7 tonne 7 tonne 12 tonne
Weight (kg) 340 360 370 745
Dimension A (mm) 1000 1060 1105 1550
Dimension B (mm) 260 320 360 500
Dimension C (mm) 285 315 310 345
Dimension D (mm) 370 370 370 520

Dimensions Reference:

How to hire a multi-bar pile cropper from Piletec?

For more information on the Piletec Multi-Bar Pile Croppers and how to hire pile cropping equipment, simply follow our Contact Us link or ‘Add to Enquiry Basket’ to find out what’s on offer, or send for a product brochure.