Vertical Shores

The Vertishore system comprises opposing vertical rails separated by hydraulic cylinders, designed to provide ground support in selfsupporting soils. The important principle behind the system is reliance on the soil ‘arching’ between the vertical support.

The units are designed to be installed from ground level by one man in a matter of seconds thus providing safe effective shoring without operatives having to enter an un-shored excavation. Each unit comprises two aluminium rails, expanded against the cut trench walls by a pair of interconnected hydraulic rams. The rams are expanded and pressured between the walls of the trench by a manually operated hand pump.


  • Aluminium construction 
  • Simple method to support self-supporting soil 
  • Installation from outside the trench 
  • Hydraulic width adjustment


  Type A Type B
Rail Length (mm) 1500 2100
Minimum Excavation Width (mm) 450 450
Maximum Excavation Width (mm) 1600 1600
Clearance Below Cylinder (mm) 570 570
Typical Unit Weight (kg)* 27 34
Rail Working Load (kN/m)** 20 20
Item Code Ram Type Excavation Width (mm) Weight (kg)
HVS.1250 1 450 680 4
HVS.1300 2 550 880 5
HVS.1350 3 650 1080 7
HVS.1400 4 1000 1600 10

* Weights will vary with cylinder lengths used

Technical Library

Vertishore Technical Literature

Vertishore Technical Literature

Technical Literature for the Vertishore support system.


Vertishore User Guide

Vertishore User Guide

Equipment User Guide for the Vertishore and EKOply Backing Board support system.