Modular Plastic Pontoons

Groundforce can provide a temporary floating access solution whatever the shape and size of your pontoon. The possibilities are endless, since Groundforce's advanced construction pontoons are modular. We can therefore design to bespoke requirements to produce the perfect access platform for your project needs.

Groundforce's floats have more plastic in them than any other similar product on the market, the wall thickness is a minimum of 8mm thick and the floats have been re-engineered to give a stronger than ever radius around the lugs.  With the latest technology in pin and nut moulds, this has added an extra tonne in loading to each, massively strengthening the whole platform, providing access opportunities to a number of usually hard to reach 


  • Product Dimensions (LxWxH): 966mm x 483mm x 390mm

  • Product Weight: 11.5kg

  • The Versadock can be used as a moveable platform by adding the outboard motor attachment

  • Its unique service channel allows you to run water and/or power through your pontoon and can also be used as a security device linking all the floats together in a secure way.