NATO Modular Steel Pontoons

NATO Modular Pontoons are the Safe Medium Load Solution for Working on Water for a diverse range of installations across an array of Industry Sectors.

Ideally suited for the following project solutions:

  • Dredging
  • Piling
  • Bridge access / inspection
  • Water cleansing activity
  • Events (Specialist Event Decking Option)
  • Floating and moving people, plant & machinery
  • Provides a modular and easily transportable maintenance platform
  • The NATO pontoon can be used as a moveable platform by adding the outboard motor attachment

Ideal industries for this product include - Rail, CP5, Water, AMP6 & Construction, Civil engineering industry sectors & projects.

NATO Modular Steel Pontoons can be connected to each other on the short or long sides. Firstly, the pontoons must be lowered into the water by means of a lifting device. This can be done by four suitable hoisting slings or chains which can be fixed at the four available lifting lugs.

On the water the pontoons are pushed together and then coupled by connecting the elements (connection forks and connection rings). Using this method of assembly, only 2-3 people are required and floating work platforms with different dimensions can be built very easily. It’s also possible to equip your floating work platform with various accessories, including railing, motor support, and mooring winches.

Load Bearing Specification:

  • Load capacity pontoons: 2900 kg (15 cm freeboard)
  • Maximum load capacity: 4100 kg (fully submerged)
  • Maximum load capacity per m²: 465 kg