Grundoburst 400s

The Grundoburst 400S consists of a robust rig, the TT hydraulic power unit, QuickLock bursting rods and the accessory tooling package. The operation is simple which makes it ready for action very quickly and requires no more than two operators.

  • Easily interchangeable accessories for both ductile and iron splitting
  • Low noise and minimum vibration
  • Increased productivity due to high bursting power/speed
  • No time consuming screwing/unscrewing of rods
  • Rods cannot disconnect during operation


Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 600 x 490 x 340
Weight (kg) 251
Thrust Force @ 200 bar (kN) 275
Pulling Force @ 250 bar (kN) 400
Manhole Diameter (mm) 1000
Bursting Rod Length (mm) 470