Mains Breaking Attachment

The use of a Mains Breaking Attachment (MBA) eradicates all associated hazards and risks that are currently encountered on a daily basis by the client when using the current methods, creating a safer working environment and allowing for a more controlled breakout operation.

  • The MBA has been designed to break/crack metallic pipes in situ, which would usually be carrying gas, water or effluent
  • The attachment can safely handle products from 2 inches up to 10 inches in diameter
  • The G-Clamp design reduces likelihood of accidental damage to surrounding pipes
  • Significantly reduces risk of injury
  • The Mini and Mid MBA is powered through an external power supply and operated manually, allowing for more precise control
  • The Mid and Max MBA models are attachments that fit onto an excavator in place of the bucket, and are hydraulically operated from inside the cab of the excavator
  • Eradicates the need to enter excavations
  • Rapid set up
  • Simple to operate


  Pipe Size
  Up To 4 Inches Up To 6 Inches Up To 10 Inches
Portable Option Mini MBA Mid MBA x
Excavator Mounted x Mid MBA Max MBA