Power Push

The Pipe Pusher excavator attachment allows for a safer, faster, more economic and compliant way to insert new pipe and cable through existing host mains.

Developed especially to suit the needs of large and small scale diameter mains and cable installations and replacements. The Power Push has undergone extensive trialling and testing to develop the most complete pipe pushing product.

The Power Push can also be used to re-round, clamp and align pipe in preparation for connections.

Pipe Pushing avoids the risk of stretching PE pipe therefore fusion welding can commence immediately after insertion. A relaxation period is not required.


  • 3 Sizes: 55-180mm, 90-300mm, 180-400mm
  • Quick and simple mounting of attachment
  • Durable & robust, designed for hire market
  • Long sections can be inserted 500m+
  • Reduces excavations and surface disruption
  • Action can be reversed if an obstruction is met
  • Shim inserts accommodate range of diameters
  • Simple to operate
  • Lightweight and compact design


Pipe Entry Guide - Prevents damage from the host main

Pipe Entry Guide

Level Head Attachment - Prevents coiled pipe springing upwards

Level Head Attachment

Demonstration Video