Interview with Groundforce Depot Foreman John Collins

06 Jan

Groundforce’s focus on the quality of its people and equipment play a key role in delivering safe, efficient and effective groundworks solutions.

The business, which supplies to a wide range of nationwide construction projects, continuously prioritises the safety of its equipment, staff and customers. Playing a key role in maintaining these high levels of safety is Groundforce’s Depot Foreman John Collins. John talks more about his role, customer service, the day-to-day challenges he faces and the importance of team work.     

Describe a typical week for a Depot Foreman.

Every week is different in here but that keeps things interesting! The main goal every week is to get equipment loaded and delivered to customers as quickly as possible. To achieve this, we spend all of our time cleaning, checking, repairing and servicing the equipment to ensure it is ready to go.

What defines good customer service?

For me, it’s about firstly having the correct equipment specified – that is the responsibility of the Hire Desk, Sales Team and Engineers. Then it is to ensure that the best quality equipment is delivered on time – this is my responsibility.

What qualifications and experience are essential for the role?

As we handle a very wide range of equipment in Mountmellick you need to have a good work ethic, be a team player and have a good head for problem solving. You could be cleaning down sheet piles one minute and the next minute you could be repairing a piling hammer. We all help out where needed and it creates a great atmosphere in the depot.

Provide an example of a problem solving challenge that you overcame?

One day I had a depleted team due to sickness and holidays but had 6 large orders to dispatch and 4 to return. I decided to pull resource from the repair and painting bay, cancel all non-essential tasks and staggered all the lorries coming into the depot. It was a real day of all hands on deck but we got everything done on time and safely.

How important are other members of your team to the success of your role?

As mentioned earlier, there are three elements to delivering high levels of customer service; Sales, Hire Desk and Operations. Each element relies on the other and success of each element is dependent on everyone else doing their job well. Thankfully at Groundforce, communication between each area of the business is very good and that helps things to run smoothly.

What key attributes do you think are most useful in your role?

Calm, decisive and thick skinned!

How do you unwind after a challenging day at work?

I like to get out on my racer 2 evenings a week and do a 60k cycle and 100k on a Sunday as well as spend time with my wife and 2 young grandkids.