A pioneering Groundforce training course augurs well for learners

07 Sep

Groundforce Training has become the first to offer accredited training on EMVs and Pre Augers.

A safety-critical course, believed to be the first of its kind, on the dangers of EMVs (Excavator Mounted Vibrators) and Pre Augers has been launched by Groundforce Training. As an EEIAS approved product successful delegates will receive an industry recognised photo id card registered under the popular Energy & Utility Skills (EUSR) scheme.

The company, which possesses the capability to deliver safety courses across the UK and Ireland, believes it is currently the sole training provider able to offer the course, which introduces learners to the theoretical and practical dangers of these specialist excavator attachments.

Created in conjunction with Groundforce’s Piletec division, it is aimed at managers, supervisors, safety professionals, excavator drivers and operatives who are required to oversee or carry out work using EMVs and Pre Augers.

This comprehensive new course trains individuals to identify the dangers and hazards associated with the use of the equipment, recognise the hazards and implement control measures for them, differentiate between types of piling operations, and recognise when EMVs and Pre Augers should be employed.

Upon completion they will be able to differentiate between the various types of piling activities and understand piling and auger hazards as well as how to implement specific control measures to reduce risks. The course also includes practical training and assessments while using EMVs and Pre Augers in a live environment.

It also helps them to carry out regular equipment checks, understand current legislation, policies and procedures associated with EMVs and Pre Augers, become aware of the correct position of use as well as the critical dos and don’ts, be able to safely attach, inspect and remove EMVs and Pre Augers, be able to carry out function checks and demonstrate safe operation of an EMV and Pre Augers, and understand the relevant information in HSE’s HSG 150, HSG 47 and GS6 guidance documents.

Training Services Manager Chris Gearren, said: “I am pleased to introduce the EMV and Pre Auger course, which has been born out of feedback from our clients. We recognised the clear lack of specialist and accredited safety training on such items and felt the need to address the issue.  Many contractors are yearning for more than a simple hand over and we have a responsibility to not only listen to them, but come up with safety solutions. I feel strongly that this course addresses common safety failures surrounding EMVs and Pre Augers. However, clients should also discover the added benefit of a large reduction in damage charges as users begin to fully understand the capabilities of the equipment. Without any formal training, most people will naturally lack confidence in the safe operation of specialist equipment. Therefore, the creation of this course was essential to assist in establishing competency.’

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