Groundforce Continues to Sponsor GE Basement and Underground Conference

17 Jul

This will be the fourth year Groundforce has sponsored this internationally recognised industry event, which will cover technical updates, case histories from innovative projects, and commercial discussions with key clients and contractors.

The conference is aimed at anyone involved in designing residential basements, delivering complex infrastructure projects or procuring new commercial development. The key features of this year’s conference will be how to capitalise on the boom in basement construction, as well as current and forthcoming projects in the pipeline. It will also look at how companies can meet the highest standards of safety in basement construction delivery through best practice, and mitigate geotechnical risk to prevent damage to neighbouring structures.

Groundforce who are the UK’s leading company in large basement excavation is committed to being at the forefront of this sector of the construction industry, with the development of new equipment and technology. Tony Gould, Groundforce’s Technical Director, explains why Groundforce continues to align itself to this prestigious event.“Once again we are proud to be associated with this event, working in association with Ground Engineering as their main sponsor. Our continuing support over the past four years indicates how important we consider events such as these to be enabling industry leaders to get together in a thought provoking forum where ideas are discussed and exchanged.. Promoting innovation, raising industry standard, and ensuring best practice fits in exactly with our business ethos.”

As the lead sponsor Groundforce are pleased to announce an exclusive 30% off discount code which can be used both over the phone and on thewebsite. 

Discount code: BU-GF-14