Groundforce Launches Next Level Website

15 Apr

Groundforce has launched its most technically integrated and user-friendly website. Groundforce’s newly redesigned website will provide visitors to their site quick and easy access to all essential product information, and for the first time will include fully integrated technical literature. 

A new clean and uncluttered design makes browsing through products easier than ever. There will also be new dedicated sites for the UK as well as Germany and Ireland, reflecting the companies continued European expansion. These new separate sites can be accessed easily using the country option at the top of the home page.

The new site also offers improved navigation and functionality throughout, providing visitors with the ultimate user-friendly experience, and being 100% mobile responsive, ensures the website and its contents formats to whichever device the visitor views it on, eliminating any horizontal scrolling.

Other key features will include Groundforce’s document library ( is fully integrated into the ‘Technical Library’ section and User accounts will available to access documentation and assist with enquiries.

Anil Govind, Marketing Manager for Groundforce, said:

“This is all part of our commitment to offering the highest levels of customer services. We have spent a lot of time researching exactly what our customers want from our website. From fast and accurate access and in-depth technical information on products and solutions, to immediate responses to their specific requirements and enquires. The key objectives of this new site is to ensure that all our customers will have a more personal experience with the highest level of technical detail and content offering.”

From the 17th of April 2015, the website will be available via, with each division, e.g. Piletec, keeping their own URL ( and dedicated area.

Groundforce's new website will be updated regularly with news of product launches, videos, case studies and technical documentation, with further changes planned for the future. If you have any queries or comments regarding the website please contact the Groundforce Marketing Team.