Groundforce introduces a new range of revolutionary pipe handling equipment

19 Jan

UIS who are specialists in manufacturing new innovations equipment for the utilities industry, have a wealth of experience in gas, water and electricity replacement, rehabilitation and reinforcement projects.

The UIS range offered by Groundforce includes the Click Stick, Power Push Pipe Pusher,Mains Breaking Attachment and the Powered Pipe Handler.

The revolutionary and industry first pipe breaking Click Stick, is a lightweight, portable and safe alternative to podger bars and other impact equipment for breaking redundant pipe sections. There is no longer needing to physically hit the pipe, the Click Stick negates the Health and Safety risks associated with traditional (and some might say Neanderthal) impact-type methods, methods that frequently caused contractors injuries such as fractured cheek bones and eye sockets. This new and fully controlled method completely removes the risk of damages to other local services, which is a known hazard of traditional impact tools.

Capable of breaking of cast iron pipes, it is particularly suitable for gas and water with different variations able to break pipes up to 6" and 8" respectively.

The Click Stick has undergone extensive trialling and testing to develop a very sensitive remote, allowing precise control over the force applied to break or crack the pipe. This makes it particularly suitable for live insertions where the additional control is required.

Simple to set up and ready to go straight from the box, it is hydraulically operated from a battery power pack, allowing it to be 100% portable and used by just one operative.

The new Power Push pipe pusher is changing the way pipe and cables and pipes are inserted throughout the utilities sector. This excavator attachment offers a safer, faster, more economic and compliant way to insert new pipe and cable through existing host mains. UIS have also introduced a host pipe entry guide collar to guarantee a smooth push with no pipe damage.

To aid the process of safely removing a section of pipe the UIS Mains Breaker Attachment offers the ideal solution. Designed specifically for the application of breaking/cracking metallic pipes in situ and buried beneath the surface, its unique G clamp design allows for more controlled breaking process as it applies pressure from the top of the metallic main and not from the sides.

It eradicates all associated risks currently encountered by clients on a daily basis, using current methods, creating a safer working environment and allows a more controlled breakout operation. It also increases productivity as the operation can be completed quicker and repeated numerous times.

Demonstrations and free training are available but in the meantime a demonstration video on the Click Stick can be viewed here or at