Groundforce Introduces the Grundomat 'N' Generation

04 Jun

Market leaders in the hire and sale of trenchless technology equipment Groundforce, has added a new ground breaking product to its portfolio - The Grundomat 'N' Generation Mole.  

Groundforce always strives to offer its customers the very best products, tools and devices which combine efficiency and ease of use with performance and innovation. The Grundomat 'N' Generation fits this template precisely.

The new Grundomat Mole moves the concept of soil displacement hammers onto a whole new plane as it can be used in applications which the previous generation simply wouldn’t have been able to manage.

Difficult jobs stop being difficult with the Grundomat 'N' Generation - dangerous tasks are made safer and inaccessible spots are suddenly open to contact. Whether you’re boring across roads, rivers or railways it will outperform previous solutions, and the models from type 130 up can also ram steel pipes, bore blind holes and a host of other applications. 

One of the key plus points of the Grundomat 'N' Generation is the way in which it works with the minimum of disruption for the public as well as the contractors utilising it. As experts it’s easy to get carried away with technical specifications and engineering details but the bottom line is that the amount of work you get asked to do will rise in inverse proportion to the inconvenience you cause for clients

Choosing the Grundomat 'N' Generation Mole will result in a faster project completion without the need for large scale excavation, therefore minimizing traffic issues and disruption to local residents. Another plus point is the reduction in the level of pollution generated – noise pollution, CO2 pollution and fine dust particle emission. It makes the job easier for both the contractor and the client.

How does it achieve this? Let’s start with the head. The crowned head does several things. It expands the bore directly to the full bore diameter and the ultra-sharp crowns make quick work of any larger stones blocking progress, fragmenting and disposing of them. The relatively small contact surface of the crowns maintains impact whilst maximising efficiency and debris is carried through the gaps in the cutting crowns and displaced to the rear of the mole. 

In simple terms, the standard 3 phase penetration process has been converted to 4 phases:


The two stroke impact method helps to maximise efficiency of targeting, adjustment and alignment. On the first stroke the head is driven forward by the piston and the crowned head creates a pilot bore hole. On the second stroke, the long cylindrical casing is pulled into the hole. Any obstacle in the way of this process is fragmented and displaced. Other features include 2 gears and an adjustable stroke frequency, simple switching between forward and reverse, a robust seal which economises air consumption and a grooved casing which grips firmly in softer environments and thus increases stability. 

Put all of this together and you have a piece of equipment which outperforms all other options. The Grundomat 'N' Generation innovates in a way which puts the emphasis on versatility, ease of use, efficiency and convenience.

Ian Matthews, General Manager at Groundforce said:

“At Groundforce we strive to support any new products that offer our customers innovation, improved efficiency or simply ease of use and in the new N - Type Grundomat Mole we believe we have a product that offers all of these benefits. This mole quite simply goes where others can't, it is sure to be a game changer for any serious moling team.”